Love and Relationships

If you are experiencing difficuilties in your relationships or want to develop a greater sense of intimacy and connection with your partner, it can be helpful to talk about your experiences with another person.

Satisfying relationships are entirely possible and one of the best ways of improving the quality of our relationships is through talking therapy.  By exploring your relationships in therapy you will be able to develop a much deeper understanding of your beliefs, expectations and needs for intimacy, sex and connection and will begin to develop the skills necessary to create healthy and meaningful relationships now and in the future.

About Relationships

While healthy relationships can be one of the greatest joys in life, when things start to go wrong our relationship problems can become all consuming and lead us to desperation, anger and grief.  Many of these problems arise from the inevitable disappointments that both we and our partners are fallible, imperfect human beings, and others arise from a culture that sells us the notion of “true love” and finding “the one”, pushing us to always want or expect more from our partners.

Couple Counselling

In addition to offering psychotherapy to individuals, I also provide counselling to couples who wish to develop their capacity to experience love and connection with their partner, and to learn healthy ways of communicating and expressing their feelings, needs and wants.

“We usually think problems with sex and intimacy are caused by how we’re uniquely screwed up.  I propose, instead, that they’re often caused by being normal.” – David Schnarch