In my practice I adhere to the code of ethics and standards of practice of the Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand (PBANZ), and the code of ethics of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP).

I am committed to providing a safe, effective and ethical service and make use of regular professional supervision and ongoing professional development to ensure that I am able to meet this standard.


Anything and everything you tell me during our sessions will be held in the strictest confidence.  There are two exceptions to this. Firstly, I may discuss our work together with my supervisors if I believe it will enable me to better assist you. Secondly, if I believe that something you have told me indicates an immediate intent to cause harm either to yourself or someone else I am legally obligated to inform relevant services.  If this occurs, I will discuss my intent to contact a third party with you before disclosing any information to the relevant services.