The Care in Managed Care

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In one week’s time, Relationships Aotearoa will close due to a funding shortfall.  3 years ago, the country’s only 24/7 sexual abuse support line, HELP, nearly closed for the same reason.  In a couple of month’s time, the Problem Gambling Foundation will hear the results from the court ruling that will determine whether they will keep their contracts, or whether they will be forced to close as well.  These situations arise out of our current culture of ‘managed care’, whereby health ...

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Understanding the Basics of Psychotropic Medication

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I want to talk a little bit about psychotropic medications (any drugs used to treat psychiatric conditions or to affect our mind or mood) because there are a lot of people taking these drugs. While often doctors do their best to inform patients about these medications, the reality is that with the short duration of doctor’s appointments, and the fairly limited training that most GPs receive in psychological conditions, often this information is not as thorough as it could be.  I’ve met and ...

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Mourning and Melancholia (but mostly just mourning)

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I was recently asked if I wanted to contribute to a feature in a major newspaper on the topic of bereavement. At first I thought the paper was looking for different perspectives on mourning and I would have been interested to share my thoughts about it - both what I’ve learned from my personal experience and from my work as a therapist. It turned out that what they were actually offering was a paid service, more along the lines of an infomercial where I could both talk about the topic and adve ...

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